Concepts: Phluid's My Way (Feat. J Lamont and Kuko Cigar) Music Video

Concepts: Phluid's My Way (Feat. J Lamont and Kuko Cigar) Music Video

Three weeks after the video release of the first single “My Way” featured on the soon to be released “No Sympathy” project; the minds behind the story line shared their journey through their creative process.

This is your first video from your “No Sympathy” project. Was there a particular statement or intention you had going into the creation of this video?
Phluid: The intention was to think outside of the box, and to challenge ourselves to create something with more depth and potential to build off of and from rather than the basic rap videos that are seemingly thoughtless.

Kuko: It was the most hyped up beat on the project, just say it.

How did you two end up creating the story line for the video?
Kuko: I was actually supposed to be attending a birthday party down the street but when someone showed up that I didn’t want to be around, I came over [to Phluid’s]. We were vibing out and started brainstorming.

Phluid: It was a great opportunity to do so, as I was a little upset that the direction of the original video we intended to record was not moving quick enough to meet the scheduled time of filming and fell through.

You say that the first one fell through, what about this video/song was different?
Phluid: There were various obstacles we weren’t able to overcome in time. Kuko and I did what we always do when things go bad, or don’t go according to plan.. We get creative.

How long did it take before you began filming the video after the day you two came up with the concept?
Phluid and Kuko: One week

Wow. That quick?
Phluid: We had the date and time already set for the original video and we wanted to stick to the plan. So we just began to film the new one.

Were you going to use the same location as well?
Phluid and Kuko: No.

Where did you film it?
Phluid: A undisclosed location in Central Florida. Can't give that spot up.

My Way_Phluid_Productions_Location

Was this undisclosed location the only location for the film?
Kuko: No. There were three different undisclosed locations.

How long did it take?
Kuko: 12 hours.

Tell me about that day.
Kuko: It all started with a little pre-gaming..


Phluid: It was amazing. The day started off rough, trying to get everyone on the same page. After an hour in, everything started to come together. Once we found the spot where Kuko’s part was shot, everything started to fall into place.

My Way_Phluid_Productions_Kuko Scene

Tell me about the other characters in the video.
Phluid: Aside from myself, J Lamont and Kuko, we had two male government officials, the female government official announcing the anti-audio music movement, and an underground DJ.

The underground DJ was the person who died in the middle of the video right?
Kuko: Yes.

That was my favorite part. Can you explain what his character was doing.
Phluid: You might want me to explain the premise of the video first before I explain what he was doing, so that it makes sense.

Well I personally viewed the video many times, and I got some different takes on the story each time so can you please explain to me?
Phluid: The story isn't told chronologically. It's kind of chopped. The beginning of the video isn't where the story begins. The middle of the video actually explains the concept of the video and what's going on.

What is the middle of the video explaining?
Kuko: The music crisis.

Phluid: What if the government banned music? If you were caught having anything to do with music..

Kuko: Government officials kill you.

My Way_Phluid_Productions_Riot

Phluid: So we figured if that happened, that there would be outlaws. The middle of the video shows outbreaks, riots, and that's what would happen. People willing to risk their lives because without music they would be losing their minds. We played off that scenario. The video is us, going against the government to bring music back. That is what we are doing in the old radio station towards the end of the video, uploading our music so the people could hear again.

Kuko: The end of the video is the future, where everyone is back to being free.

My Way_Phluid_Productions_Free

So you guys are outlaws, breaking laws for the music. What about those guns though?
Kuko: Those guns were 100% real and almost got us arrested.

Phluid: Kuko almost killed us and almost got us arrested at the same time.

Kuko: I wish we could have showed that in the video.

Okay, Please explain?
Phluid: Kuko got into his character a little too good. He was driving like government agents were legit chasing us and he had no regards for the speed limit, for the law, or our safety while he was driving.

And as far as getting arrested goes, were there cops?
Phluid: The cops definitely pulled up on the site of the video and we definitely had the two masked government agents from the video with us along with the assault rifles and pistols.

Kuko: The cop came and said are u guys supposed to be back here and we told him what we were doing. He stopped and turned around steps before he would have seen all of the guns.

Did you run into any other issues?
Phluid: Kuko almost killed J

Kuko: Myndz almost made me kill J

Kuko, how did you almost kill J Lamont?
Kuko: The scene when his verse starts, I had to drive the car, stop for him, hand him the gun, and then peel out as he holds the gun in one hand and the car with his other hand. Every time we would shoot that scene, which took about 12 takes, I would accidentally be just watching him, and Myndz would yell for me to go, so I would peel out with not the best of timing. We almost lost him.

My Way_Phluid_Productions_Car Scene

What are some of the reactions you're getting from the video?
Kuko: Mostly good. Some confusion.

Phluid: Some people don’t like it. Which is expected. Some people think it’s really dope, others like it, some people think it’s stupid, and the rest are confused.

Kuko: If your attention span is get to the point, then you're not going to understand it.

As far as the people who don't like it go, how do are you guys handling that?
Kuko: Sticks and stones

Phluid: Not everyone has an attention span for things other than basic rappers throwing money around and drinking lean. We aren't going to be liked by the short track minded. It won't affect us or stop us. We plan to continue our creative approach.

You guys really did a great job. Setting the bar kind of high. What should we expect for the next video?
Phluid: Same creativity. Same writers. Same director. We will be kicking it up a notch.

Kuko: Another dope record where Kuko’s verse is hard as f***

The two artists advised that the new video is on schedule to be filmed next month, so make sure to stay tuned for that to be released as well as the entire “No Sympathy” project, coming out summer 2018.

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