About Us


Flight Culture Music Group is a Hip-Hop music group based in Orlando, FL. The group was formed in 2019 at Kustom Made Records Studio when artists Kuko Cigar and J. Lamont became regulars at the studio every weekend. They would often combine their sessions and create new songs with producer and owner of KMR Studio, Anthony “Phluid” James. Phluid created beats on his MPC using old school samples and developed an authentic boom bap sound. Kuko Cigar brought fun word play and a unique sound to his rapping while J. Lamont added vocal harmonies and wavy flows for hooks and bridges. J. Lamont reconnected with child hood friend R1ZO and brought him to the studio where he not only brought musical talents to the table but he also became the group’s videographer/photographer. As the chemistry between the group continuously grew they decided to officially brand their team with a name… Flight Culture Music Group.



Flight Culture Music Group is a music TEAM that strives to make good music with substance. “Flight”represents creativity that has no boundaries. “Culture” represents the authenticity of hip hop and where it originated from. Our goal is to blend new school and old school sounds and to continue to evolve with hip-hop through the years, but to also keep the core values of hip-hop alive.



F*** We Doing This 4?! (FWDT4)

“For those people who have dreams and aspirations to achieve a certain success… we all have those moments where we may lack the necessary motivation to keep pushing… but we ask you to take a second and ask yourself… F*** We Doing This For?”