Up and coming Palm Beach artist, R1ZO, has begun establishing himself in the music scene of Orlando. Known for his many flows, the talented artist really began to shine after teaming up with power house collective Flight Culture. Working to make a name for himself, R1ZO is looking to make a stamp and earn his respect as one of the best to do it.

It's Only One Z

Growing up, R1ZO was always surrounded by music. He would watch his Dad and uncles sing and play instruments as they used to be in a band growing up. But his passion for Hip Hop began after watching his older brother, who goes by the name of Pete Rose, work on his craft. It was this that opened the world of 80's and 90's rap and began shaping the flow and the style that R1ZO displays today. R1ZO blends the flow of the old school with the sound of the new school and tries to keep true to the culture. His latest work, Things Changed..., shows his growth and proves he has something to bring to the table.

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