Diddy And Jay-Z Talk Partnering On App

Diddy And Jay-Z Talk Partnering On App

You may not be able to spearhead the next great civil rights movement or form a Black megacompany in a day, but one of the best things you can do on a daily basis to improve the position of Black people in this country is to support Black-owned businesses. XXLMag reports that Diddy and Jay-Z may be coming together to try and make that a little easier.

The story comes from a recent GQ cover story that Diddy participated in, where he revealed the two moguls were working together on an app to help locate Black-owned businesses. The appeal is instantly clear. Many Black businesses may not have the same money to put forward on marketing that other businesses do, despite the quality of their product or services. This would take some of the issues out of that and connect them to interested customers and other potential opportunities.

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