Introducing, The Creator of Vibes

Introducing, The Creator of Vibes

The Creator of Vibes, Anthony “Phluid” James, was raised in Englewood, New Jersey and spent the first 13 years of his life there until residing in his current location of Central Florida. His love for music stemmed from discovering the similarities he found within favorite songs; the talent behind the engineering and production. It was the impact of production artists which Phluid was introduced during his upbringing, which would conduct the tide of his creations.

The initial discovery of DJ Premier, was an extremely pivotal moment; Phluid found the man who would inspire him for the next two decades. With the influence of DJ Premier, a producer who never strayed from creating true hip-hop from genuine lyricist, Phluid takes pride knowing that he too never deviated from his roots.

Although the passion and respect for music paved the way for years to come, Phluid’s journey was far from simple. From being able to afford his first MPC, to having to shut down his music studio and still pay monthly for an entire year before reopening after finding a new business partner, his beginnings were definitely humble.

Today, Phluid is known to be The Creator of Vibes, and the producer that can make any hip-hop artist sound their best. His studio resides in Longwood, Florida and he is always looking to create greatness with dedicated artists who can keep up with his ever evolving production style.

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