J. Cole Speaks: 15 "KOD" Revelations Uncovered

J. Cole Speaks: 15 "KOD" Revelations Uncovered

Not even one week after its release, J. Cole’s KOD album has broken Spotify and Apple Music streaming records, and is predicted to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 next week, while it continues stirring the pot with its controversial content about not only addiction but also the new generation of rappers.

Throughout the 12-track project, Cole dissects nearly every type of addiction possible, including success on “Motiv8,” money on “ATM,” sex on “Kevin’s Heart” and his own mother’s alcoholism on “Once An Addict.” In a recent (and rare) interview with Paul Cantor for Vulture, the Dreamville Records boss opened up about the meaning of KOD, his views on substance abuse, struggling with depression and his former addiction to public approval.

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